Dr. Espinoza

Dr Espinoza graduated from The Benemerita University of Puebla, Mexico 1979, as Cirujano Dentista and completed one year residence at (IMSS) Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.

In January 1981 we went back to his country the great “Nicaragua” land of lakes and volcanoes and complete 2 years in a Rural Community- 1983, went to Honduras his neighbor country due to Nicaraguan civil war – Dr Espinoza completed one year in a Honduras community where he was the first dentist in that village history done for free and he belonged to Honduras Dental Society.

1985 he came to USA where he became a CDT and worked for a dental office for 4 years – in 1992 joined advanced dental program at New York University where he complete his doctorate of dental surgery (DDS).

In July 1998 he opened his private practice in Bradenton Florida.

Dr Espinoza spends his free time pursuing Advanced Dental Education on Implants Dentistry and Cosmetic, Restorative at some of the top dental institution in the United States.

Dr Espinoza continues to take continuing education courses, always surpassing the state license requirements.

Outside the office Dr Espinoza enjoys spending time with his family – he is married to his wife Luz and has five children.

His hobbies include traveling, reading, biking at the beach. He is looking forward to being able to serve you as well as getting to know you.